Brunch, cupcakes, and mystery stories

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This weekend ended up being much busier than I expected.

Saturday I met up with a bunch of people to Langley, WA. What’s in Langley you ask? Well, every year they put together a Mystery Weekend, which is a fun opportunity (if you’re coming from Seattle) to get on to the ferry to Whidbey Island and visit the quaint town of Langley. Here are some things to keep in mind, get there early to find parking, bring paper and pen, and be prepared that this is a small town and it does shut down around 5-6. If you want to make a whole weekend of it, get an Airbnb or get a hotel room.

It’s a really fun time, other tips, feel free to chat with the characters (easy to figure out as they will be wearing costumes and stickers with their character name), but they won’t shed much light on the mystery. You can get by with just the clues you pick up around town. Let me explain, there is a visitor’s center where you pick up a map and a “newspaper”. The newspaper will give you background information on the mystery and the “what” around town. The map will mark where you’ll find all the clues, the clues are in various stores and cafe’s around town. It’s a really fun excursion if you like mysteries. After you’ve gathered the clues, try to piece together the hypothesis and solve the mystery then turn in your findings at the visitor center. If you are right, your answer is put into a box and then a lottery is done to draw the person who won, which I think is just free for next year…but it’s only $10 so…lol…

Sunday I was supposed to meet up with a friend for brunch then go to the Korean language class…then I thought…well, do the brunch, but come home after and adult (laundry, grocery shopping, work on my novel, etc)…I ended up going to brunch, going to cupcake…haha…it was great. I hadn’t seen my friend in quite awhile so it was really fun to catch up with her. We went to a place called RE: Public. Was it awesome? It was meh…I always order an eggs benedict when I go to a brunch place for the first time, presuming they serve it. So, I ordered it…the eggs were nicely poached, the hollandaise lacked citrus, the sausage was pretty good, and the potatoes just…oddly lacked seasoning, namely salt. Would I go back…? I would probably just forego and go to either Tilikum Place Cafe or Some Random Bar. I’m still on my search for an AWESOME brunch place, Tilikum place is pretty awesome, but I’d like options.

Then we ended up hanging out for awhile chatting and got cupcakes at Yellow Leaf Cupcake. I got Chocolate Champagne and we split the Cookie butter. As usual, the cakes were moist and the frosting was fantastic.

By the time this was all said and done I got home around 6ish and made dinner. What did I make? Thanks for asking, I made veggie Thai red curry on top of quinoa. I hope you enjoy the recipe!

Anyhow, laundry folding time.

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