Who am I?

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I love to travel, I love to eat, I love to cook…I was told that I should start a travel blog. Honestly, I thought it was ridiculous because there are so many travel blogs out there, how could I possibly make mine stand out? And maybe I won’t be able to, but I want the opportunity to share my adventures with others.

Though I’ve traveled a great deal this year, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, London, Paris, and Stockholm, I figure there are still two months left and I do plan to go to quite a few more places.

My plan for this blog is to share my travel, restaurant, and cooking experience, so all the things I love to do I will succinctly share here. I also want to use this as a memory for myself. I think that I don’t get out much, this is a reminder that I get out plenty.

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