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Yeah…it’s been awhile…I am still cooking and trying out new recipes for sure but I’ve been insanely busy with moving into our new house. My writing has been put on a bit of hold because we are still cleaning and unpacking.

The people who used to live here were pretty terribly homeowners…they did not take good care of this place. Between the woodpecker problem they had (which they never took care of), the fake room downstairs (a room with outlets but none of them wired), the yard they didn’t take care of, and the kitchen they didn’t clean we’ve had to spend a lot of money to make adjustments and repairs. These are all terrible things, but no regrets, I still love this house. We have been unpacking treasurers from when we lived in Boston and had no space here to unpack them so that’s been fun.

I promise that tomorrow I will definitely post a recipe for tamales 😀 I hope they come out awesome! I’ve been finding some recipes and thinking of how to tweak them to be more keto friendly and to my flavor profile.

All in all, it hasn’t been bad…work is great, the house is great, my writing…I’m so bad I need to edit, I start grad school July 2…so that’ll be exciting! My polypectomy was successful and hopefully, my IVF process will start in June… 😀 Life is busy, but I can’t complain!


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