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  • 24-hour day pass for transit is €5 and worth it if you want to go further out of the city. This pass covers all buses (except 98 and 99), subway, and tram.
  • Getting to and from the airport, you can use your 24-hour day pass BUT make sure you are at the right stop! The stop you need to to take is at Terminal 1 on the Main Street in front of the airport. If you don’t get the day pass it will cost €1.50 for a single transfer.
  • There is another bus you may catch at Terminal 1, that picks up at the terminal that costs €6 for buses 98, 99, and the tram.

Ahhh Nice…why did I choose Nice? I like to end somewhere warm if I can and Nice seemed to fit the bill. I also chose it because it was fairly inexpensive round trip. I’ll have to do a separate post about my debacles of travel, this trip had many unfortunate events for a few reasons.

I’ll talk about my time getting there later, let’s start with after I woke up…there is a Notre-Dame Nice Cathedral and I was only two blocks from it and I could hear the bells ring when I woke up, which was quite a lovely sound to wake up to. I walked around the corner from my hotel to get some breakfast and found a lovely place called, “Maison Mariass 1901” where I ordered a combination that included a croissant, a hot drink (I got a hot chocolate…umm…best ever), and an orange juice for €6, they have other combinations as well, and I would strongly advise you go there if you are in the area.

I walked over to Notre-Dame cathedral but didn’t feel too comfortable sticking around as they were conducting mass, so I popped in then right back out…but the church is lovely and worth a stop.

Nice is a very flat and walkable city so you may not feel the need to get the 24-hour day pass. After leaving the church I wandered into the Promenade du Paillon, again Europe with your lovely parks to sit and relax in. Across from this park is the Jardin Albert…but it was closed, not sure why…but if it wasn’t it looks like a nice place to wander around in.

After admiring the water works I decided to head towards the beach and walk along it to go to the Flower Market (which also passes Opera de Nice). Was the beach beautiful? Why…yes it was…it doesn’t have the nice soft sand (that I correlate to beaches), instead, the sand was bigger rocks, I didn’t go down to the beach, but I did admire the view and the water…and apparently, it is a topless beach, which I wasn’t expecting.


Opera house


And not sure if this is normal or if there was something going on, but I often saw four men in the military walking around with guns.


The Flower Market is not just for flowers, it also acts as a farmer’s market. I’m not sure what time it starts, but it looks like it closes around 3ish because when I walked back around this area everyone had closed up shop.

Then I decided to just walk around randomly and came across the Cathedral Sainte Reparate, which was in a lovely square with two (or was it three?) gelato shops.


Walked around…walked around…went to go look at some panoramic views and found Cimetière du Château and Parc de la Colline du Château…on my way there I enjoyed fun random side streets.




On the way down the hill I saw this sign, which I thought was cute..hehe


Around the corner from this sign is a beautiful memorial carved into the cliff


All my time in Nice was walking around…Promenade des Arts, which is a lovely esplanade with statue and art.


Took a bus to Monastère de Cimiez and walked around their rose garden and lovely park.







Should you go to Nice? OMG, yes…though I think…next time I’m going to make some time and go to Marseille.

Places I want to go next time:

  • Palais Lascaris
  • Monument aux Morts
  • Jardin botanique de la Ville de Nice
  • Bibliothèque Louis Nucéra
  • Promenade des Anglais
  • French Riviera
  • Notre-Dame du Port
  • Cimiez Arena
  • Sainte Jeanne d’Arc, Nice
  • Nice Observatory
  • Fort du Mont Alban
  • Parc du Mont Boron
  • Terra Amata
  • Human Palaeontology Terra Amata Museum

Places I want to eat at next time:

  • L’Empire
  • Le Bistroy
  • Le Bocal
  • La Popote d’Ondine
  • L’Ovale
  • Café Marché
  • Les Causeries de Blandine
  • Paper Plane
  • Chez Palmyre
  • Volupté Anytime
  • La Voix de son Maître

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