May Day, the best 46SEK I ever spent

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This is geared towards yesterday, but I got home pretty late.

May 1, essentially European Labor day, so everyone, minus retail, is off. This means I magically got this day off too and decided to go to Strysö, the biggest island in the southern (on the west side of Sweden) archipelago. Getting here is pretty simple, take the 11 tram to the Göteborg Saltholmens Brygga and catch the 281 or 282 to the island (second stop).

The island is much smaller than it looks on the map, I managed to walk around half of it in less than an hour. It was fun because I always stay in the city and on weekends I’m usually elsewhere in Europe.

Since we had May 1 off…I mean, there’s no reason for me to go in to work just because I’m American…so off I went to the island!

It was a very pleasant trip across the water and from the Järntorget stop, it will take about 40 minutes (20 on the tram, 20 on the boat). If you plan to take a similar trip it’s all about timing…the ferries don’t run often, so be aware of this when you go. From the tram stop, it will take you about 2 minutes to walk to the ferry dock. On the day that I went (which may not be a good comparison as it was a holiday) the ferry ran once an hour.



I spent the time walking around the island, and it was a lovely walk and, like I mentioned, the island is MUCH smaller than I thought it was so it was a nice walk around.

By the time I returned to Göteborg, city, it was quite late so I decided to go out to eat versus cook and I ate at a lovely restaurant, Thali. Thali serves Indian food (vegetarian only) and their food was sooooo delicious! I got the Thali dinner which consists of soup and three curry dishes with rice and naan…they are only open for dinner, sadly.

I really like Thali…it will be a definite, “Must stop” every time I go to Sweden 🙂

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