Basic Victoria Sandwich

I'm in love with BBC's show "The Great British Baking Show"! Why? Because unlike the super competitive American competition shows the competitors on this show are nice and offer to help if they are done with their stuff. They are also very encouraging, not a negative word to say about any of their competitors, only... Continue Reading →

3 Tier Chocolate Cake

This is my go to when I make chocolate cupcakes or cakes...I love this recipe so much, you get the chocolate flavor, the coffee yummy! For frosting, I use my basic buttercream and salted caramel sauce for filling. The picture at the top of this recipe is this chocolate cake recipe, three layers of... Continue Reading →

Basic Buttercream

Why is this my favorite buttercream? I'm not a professional patisserie, so I don't understand the science behind it, but one day when I was making buttercream I just let it keep going in my stand mixer for about 10-15 minutes and it came out super delicious and fluffy... The recipe below is good for... Continue Reading →

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