Tilikum Place Cafe

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I’ve written about Tilikum Place Cafe at least twice (here and here), but I’ve never given a review on it. I’m not an expert at brunch places, but I’ve been to my fair share, and in Seattle, this is one of my favorites. I’ve been many times for brunch and once for dinner.

One of my favorite meals there is the savory dutch baby with a side of extra crispy bacon, but I’ve had my fair share of other dishes there. This place is very cute and has a warm feel to it. It is also small, so I advise making reservations by calling them, or I use the OpenTable app.


Savory dutch baby



Pan seared chicken

Note: I am not paid for my reviews. I eat at the restaurants I review and pay for it myself, no one asks me to come in and do so. This is true for all past reviews as well.

Vibe: It is a small and cute cafe. I definitely advise booking reservations.
Cleanliness: Always, clean
Service: They have such a warm and friendly staff that it creates a welcoming atmosphere.
Flavor: I’ve had my fair share of food there, dutch babies, their eggs benedicts, the TPC plate, quiches, tarts, yeah…I’ve been there a lot…and it is always satisfying and delicious
Is it worth it: Oh my god…so much yes!
Cost: $11-30


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