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Yup, yup, yup…it’s been awhile…and I will write my last post about Cabo, very soon. For now, let’s talk about my restaurant review for Friday.

So 2120 opened up in late June under one of the Amazon buildings on 6th and Blanchard. I don’t live too far from it, but I was interested to see what kind of a restaurant it would be. They classify themselves as a modern, upscale Latin restaurant.

Note: I am not paid for my reviews. I eat at the restaurants I review and pay for it myself, no one asks me to come in and do so. This is true for all past reviews as well.

Dinner Menu
Rosado (on the cocktail menu) – house cinnamon tequila, rhubarb, lime, and soda
I love open kitchens where you can watch the chefs
Charcuterie board, yes, totally worth it. The cheese board looked good too, but there’s only two of us and we can only eat so much!
I’m not going to say the best burger I’ve ever had, but it was pretty damn good. The french fries were also very delicious.


Macaroni and cheese with toasted bread in duck fat… O_O


Vibe: Like most restaurants in Seattle, there is a casual dress code. The vibe was nice, but not intimidating, so I felt pretty relaxed being in a workout shirt and yoga pants, I’m not suggesting you go dressed like this, I’m just saying you can.
Cleanliness: It was clean, as was the bathroom…YES, I remembered to go to the bathroom. There are four of them. My only complaint is getting to the bathroom; it is right behind the bar, so it’s quite high traffic.
Service: The service was prompt and the waitstaff was nice.
Flavor: OMG, so delicious! The macaroni and cheese could have used a hit of pepper, but aside from that, it was creamy and flavorful. The burger was also well seasoned and cooked.
Is it worth it: Yes! It also appears that the brunch menu is also interesting…so it’s on my list for brunch.
Cost: For two people, you can easily spend $50-$100, depending on if you get drinks or appetizers/first course. You are looking at one course being anywhere from $15-$30.


  1. The Mac n Cheese looks decadent and delicious and I just happen to be in Seattle for the next couple of months…guess where I’ll be going?

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