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I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how I feel about food in Seattle, but I feel really lucky that we have some amazing quality Asian restaurants here (it was sorely lacking when I lived in Boston), and if you look hard enough you can find plenty of other styles.

That being said, we also have a lot of chain style restaurants owned by the same chef, which I’m not a fan of as the price point is generally too high and the quality of the food doesn’t quite match the cost.

Anyhow, I’m a lover of brunch…and Seattle has many places that do some awesome brunches and I’m always on the lookout for great flavors, prices, and style. Today, I went to a place called Loulay’s which classifies itself as a modern French restaurant.


The Spring Brunch Menu



Croque Madame



Beignets with a creme anglaise, the fruit compote was apple-cranberry puree



My friend got this eggs benedict, which was smoked salmon with avocado and harissa hollandaise sauce. She was supposed to get a side of potato cooked in duck fat, but they delivered it quite late, after she had finished her main dish.



Seared foie gras on top of a bread pudding


Vibe: I would say…you might feel a little out of place if you show up wearing workout clothes. Then again, it is Seattle, but the waitstaff is dressed pretty nicely in vests and ties.

We were lucky enough to get booth seating so it felt very comfortable.

Cleanliness: I didn’t check the bathroom or anything (I should do that from now on) but the waitstaff was attentive to make sure that our table was cleared of empty plates when we finished.
Service: Service was great, they came to check on us often if we wanted water or more drinks. This isn’t a waitstaff issue, but I’m not sure what happened in the kitchen, but my friend was almost done with her food before they brought her the missing potato component.
Flavor: The flavors were very balanced in my dish and my friend (who surprisingly interned with the chef Thierry Rautureau who owns this restaurant) really loved her dishes as well. She said that the foie gras was pretty fantastic.
Is it worth it: Yes. It’s not a place I’d feel the need to go to often, but I’m glad I tried it. I do have places that I love for brunch where I have no problem going to every week, this is just not going to be one of them, mainly because of the cost to food.


  1. I gotta say, you’ve done a great job with the length of the post. So many posts that explore this niche are long winded and boring, but this was straight to the point and still informative. The table is a smart idea, consider including a star rating out of 5?

    Very nice.

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    1. Thanks for that advice, I had thought of that, I think I’ll do it! Yes…I actually am not great at reading super long posts or reviews, I prefer succinct and to the point.


  2. The food looks so tempting.Thanks for the detailed review.When you said you went there in workout clothes it reminded me of a time when I went to a 5 star restaurant for dinner in pyjamas and I felt super out of place

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    1. Haha…oh no…I didn’t go there in workout clothes. I was saying it is a place where you SHOULD NOT go in workout clothes. Seattle is a really laid back town. There are only a handful of restaurants where it would be odd to show up so underdressed.


    1. Totally! Though, in my opinion if you do make it out and you can only go to one place for brunch, go to Tilikum Place Cafe. They are reasonably priced and their food is amazing.


  3. First time visiting your blog, and I got to say I really like it! I love the length and the chart at the end of your posts. Also, the pictures are just amazing (I feel hungry just looking at them).

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