Japan Day 8, Sapporo in the light 

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  • The buses take Suica and Passmo (I know the trains do, but since my time in Hiroshima I’m just not sure
  • I think the best time to visit Hokkaido is May, it is so cold up there even in April that nothing has bloomed yet

I was reading through my Day 6 and realized that my writing can be a bit staccato. It isn’t intentional, I just write as I’m traveling so the thoughts don’t always seem very connected, but I’ll work on that moving forward. Hopefully, you’re all able to still get useful information for what I’ve written so far.

I did try to sleep for a long time and it was a fruitless effort…I woke up at 8 am. Why I wake so easily on vacation without an alarm is beyond me…I have such a hard time getting out of bed at home, much less waking without an alarm.

My itinerary for Sapporo today:

  1. Shiori Koibito Park
  2. Hokkaido University campus
  3. Ramen Alley
  4. A little shopping

Shiori Koibito Park

Let me tell you about my happiness and joy here…this park is where they manufacture these amazing little cookies, shiori koibito, that is made from two crisp biscuits with (the classic) a square piece of white chocolate in the middle…SO DELICIOUS! They give you a free one as you enter the factory tour…this stuff is like crack…I wonder if I could make this at home?

Beautiful fountain when you walk in to start the factory tour
Always look up
Assembly line watching the cookies and chocolate becoming one delicious sandwich!

On the fourth floor of the magical chocolate factory there is a sit-down cafe where you can enjoy desserts…so…I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch…yeah…I’m living like an adult.

From top left to bottom right: Ice cream (amazing Hokkaido ice cream) on top of corn flakes (they really like their cornflakes and ice cream, and if you try it…it really is very delicious) with a side of THE cookie, some kind of amazing light cake with fruit and whipped cream, pound cake…the most amazing pound cake I’ve ever eaten, and a special cake Japanense cake with blueberry sauce and chocolate sauce on either side, with chocolate wafers.

Sadly, I couldn’t eat all of this 😦

This is a dessert set…I think you’re supposed to eat it with someone else…but…it was delicious!
This is their specialty hot chocolate with orange liquor. Add a few orange liquor drops and stir…this was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve had A LOT of hot chocolates

So magical…I want to come back here for the hot chocolate
The cake was so pretty I took a single picture of it.

So light and fluffy.
I took some pictures of the grounds, which I’m sure are gorgeous in May when everything, including the rose garden, is in bloom.

Lovely clock tower. At the hour it opens a bunch of bakers come out
Not sure what was going on here…but…I thought it was interesting

How did I get there?

From Sapporo station, I took a bus from the bus terminal, stand 6, you want to get off at Nishimachikita 20-chome (西町北20丁目(バス停)), it costs (as of today) ¥210. There are other ways to get there, such as taking the train, but the bus was cheaper, accepted PASMO, and drops you off closer to the factory.

Hokkaido University

I wanted to Hokkaido University as I was told that this is a famous campus and has been in many movies…due to the lack of life (trees, growth), the campus looked pretty bare…I’ll definitely have to come back later, during May or something.


This is probably a lovely place to sit around during break or when you’re eating lunch

Ramen Time

I went to Mt. Moiwa to take the Ropeway and it was closed due to high winds 😦 So I decided to go eat some real food. To get there I took the Streetcar, which is a fun way to travel for just ¥200/ride


Streetcar to get to Susukino to eat some ramen!

I was going to go to Ramen Alley, but hey, just throw a stone…I wandered into this building and found this amazing gem *^_^* The food was soooooo delicious (美味しい)


Love these small ramen bars!
This place was small, but cute

A little shopping

After a very satisfying dinner I went to Sapporo station, which has 2 malls attached to it and walked around and did some shopping…found an adorable store that had some cute earrings 🙂

This ended my time in Sapporo…it was much, much colder at this point and I just wanted to ice my knee and snuggle up in my bed.

Next time…

Things I would like to have done if the weather and time permitted:

  1. Hokkaido historical village
    1. Is a village that was created to give people a sense of what the buildings, customs, and habits were like from the Meiji-Showa period. The park closes at 4:30 pm so I really wanted to start there, but it was not to be. I stepped outside from the ryokan and it was incredibly windy and cold so I knew I would have a miserable time walking around the village, so I decided to leave this for another time
  2. Otaru – see the canal and stop by Taisho glass
    1. This is a city that is northwest of Hokkaido and borders the water, I decided to save this for another time because it would have taken at least 3 hours out of my day just traveling
  3. Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill
    1. So, this place looked amazing, but it was a hell of a time to get there, so I had to leave this because of time constraint
  4. Mt. Moiwa
    1. I was really excited to go here…you have to take a ropeway up the mountain to reach the top 😦 This was also not to be because they closed the ropeway due to winds.
    2. Don’t listen to Google maps…the best way to get here is to take the streetcar and get off at the Ropeway station. Across the street from the Ropeway stop, there is a free shuttle bus that takes you to the ropeway. MtMoiwa
  5. Moerenuma park
    1. By the time I was done eating ramen my knee was pretty tired, it was starting to get really cold, and it was hailing off and on…this is also quite a trek out of the city and would have taken almost 1.5 hours to get there, but from the pictures I’ve seen it is worth it to go to this park

The food in Sapporo is quite exceptional…the fish, the ice cream, the chocolate…I can’t wait to come back!

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